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Rob's Pilates classes are innovative and inspirational as he seamlessly integrates other therapies into the class using his teachings & training from yoga, CranioSacral and management of lower back pain.


He demands from you only what your body will allow you to do... no heroics, competitions or embarrassments. His classes are filled with warmth and laughter. He explains during the class how and where the exercises will be be beneficial in your body. His knowledge of anatomy is exceptional.

To join a class you must have two individual sessions with him in the studio. This is so he can understand your reasons for wanting to do Pilates, your needs and how your body works. He introduces you to some Pilates movements so that when you join a class you already have some experience of these.

I have been going to his classes and seeing him privately for a number of years and have found both beneficial in maintaining and improving my flexibility, balance, strengthening my muscles and core and becoming more aware of my body.

Karen (Coulsdon)

I started Pilates with Rob nearly 5 years ago on the recommendation of my osteopath. His one-to-one sessions are great, as the exercises can be tailored to help with any specific issues I may have at the time (and sometimes to how hard I feel like working!). It's led to such an improvement in my back problems... trips to the osteopath are now, thankfully, few and far between.


Lizzie (Sevenoaks)

Rob's class is essential for me.  It not only helps reduce the stiffness in my lower back and strengthen my core but it improves my posture, balance and overall flexibility. The good effects last all week.

Ros (Carshalton) 

I would thoroughly recommend Rob's Pilates classes. Not only are they highly professional, they are also good fun, and he throws in free anatomy advice for good measure!


Steve (Carshalton)

Sports Massage Therapist  

I really enjoy Rob's classes.  Each one is tailored to address the needs of everyone in the group and, for each exercise, he teaches some more advanced versions so that, if you want to, you can challenge yourself a little more.  Also, because he does so much training himself, Rob is always introducing new exercises so you never get bored by doing the same old thing (and he has a lovely sense of humour that provides just the right amount of entertainment)!

Paula (Reigate)

Rob introduced me to Pilates several years ago when I was looking for a way to alleviate a shoulder injury and his caring and professional approach made me feel positive and in control of the problem. Since then, he has helped me to manage and improve the shoulder problem, and more generally to improve my posture, core strength, flexibility and body awareness.


Rob has a very intuitive style and thinks deeply about Pilates and how best to use it for the benefit of each individual client, and it is no coincidence that many of his clients, myself included, are of many years standing.

Florence (Croydon)

When visiting Rob for a one to one treatment recovering from a foot fracture, Rob carefully considered what would be best to help regain lost muscle tissue, and strengthen my left lower leg. During our time together, Rob thoughtfully asked me if it would be okay to touch my hips to check their alignment, explaining how sometimes by touching areas requiring correction it is easier to observe the body's willingness to correct itself, and then realign with suggested supportive movement. 

During another visit, Rob observed a troublesome area requiring a little work in the shoulder region. Again, this required but the lightest touch to re-evaluate corrections, automatically occurring as a result of the session. 

Rob observes keenly what will assist optimum bodily function and offers suggestions of movements to also practice later as a maintenance programme - in my case to help my fracture recovery. I would say Rob has a rare and intuitive manner which has helped my physical body enormously, whilst also alleviating some neck/shoulder and hip issues of long standing. Thus making me feel more grounded, balanced and aware of body postures and movements in my daily life

Gillian (Reigate)

I have been attending Pilates classes with Rob for more than 4 years now.  Having experienced a slipped disc in my lumbar spine several years ago, I find Pilates to be best form of exercise to maintain core strength and protect the spine. 

I find Rob's teaching to be excellent, he provides very clear instructions and useful cues/prompts to help get the best out of each exercise and to enable one to do the exercises at home.  Rob's classes are tailored to the needs of group and because he keeps the groups relatively small he is able to provide 1 on 1 support and advice as needed.  As well as being a great teacher, Rob is very knowledgeable about his subject area and provides useful insights to inform understanding.  The classes are focused, supportive, and very relaxing providing a welcome diversion from the stresses of work.

Helen (Reigate)

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