When visiting Rob for a one to one treatment recovering from a foot fracture, Rob carefully considered what would be best to help regain lost muscle tissue, and strengthen my left lower leg. During our time together, Rob thoughtfully asked me if it would be okay to touch my hips to check their alignment, explaining how sometimes by touching areas requiring correction it is easier to observe the body's willingness to correct itself, and then realign with suggested supportive movement. 

During another visit, Rob observed a troublesome area requiring a little work in the shoulder region. Again, this required but the lightest touch to re-evaluate corrections, automatically occurring as a result of the session. 

Rob observes keenly what will assist optimum bodily function and offers suggestions of movements to also practice later as a maintenance programme - in my case to help my fracture recovery. I would say Rob has a rare and intuitive manner which has helped my physical body enormously, whilst also alleviating some neck/shoulder and hip issues of long standing. Thus making me feel more grounded, balanced and aware of body postures and movements in my daily life

Gillian (Reigate)